HBC Reports

HBC has produced a number of key reports that disclose the facts they consider favour their preference for Green Hammerton. Examination of them has disclosed a number of areas where these arguments are weak and open to challenge, which KGHG continues to do so: 

HBC Amended Sustainability Assessment, May 2019 (Click to Read)

Infrastructure Capacity Study (click to download)

Commissioned by HBC in 2016, this report considers a number of key infrastructure issues and contrasts them for large scale building in Harrogate and Knaresborough, Green Hammerton and Flaxby. It can be seen that there are serious difficulties to be overcome in getting gas to the Green Hammerton area, and serious issues in upgrading the electricity supply that a large new town would need. These issues are much less of an problem at Flaxby, where gas and a nearby electricity sub-station makes upgrading these services much easier. KGHG argues this report is flawed: its scoring methodology fails to take adequate account of these and other issues. In reaching its final conclusion that Green Hammerton is a better prospect than Flaxby, it considers a house price "heat map" that promises a greater contribution for infrastructure, but does not use current house prices at Flaxby in its calculations as should be the case. The overall resulting outcome that Green Hammerton is the more favourable site is consequently incorrectly scored and wrong.

Local Plan New Settlement Report - July 2017 (Main report and Additional consultation)

This report outlines HBC's final deliberations towards its preferred new settlement site, but takes account of two more options for the location namely Deighton near Wetherby, and Maltkilns, centred around Cattal railway station. KGHG has argued that the scoring methodology is again flawed. There is no objective or quantitative scoring between each site, with only a purple shading system being applied. The conclusions made are as in the November 2016: two railway stations and limited existing facilities at Green Hammerton make this the best site. This is wrong, this report is weak on evidence and its conclusions flawed. 

Sustainability Appraisal Addendum - July 2017 (click to download)

This HBC report makes similar broad assumptions about the importance of the railway stations and the limited existing facilities in Green Hammerton in arriving at its conclusions, but is littered with warnings about the inability of the village to cope with this level of change and the impact building a new town in this area on the communities nearby.

How can HBC be satisfied it has made a compelling case for Green Hammerton as the right site for 3000 new homes, based on these weak and flawed reports?

The Green Hammerton Conservation Area Character Appraisal - February 2009 (click to download)

This report was commissioned by HBC in 2009 to identify the key features of GreenHammerton that were unique and should be protected and preserved. Section 3.4 stresses the importance of the hill and views towards York, the very fields where building is being proposed, and possible archaeological significance. It too shows why this historic village should be preserved and not made part of a large new town.

Kirk Hammerton, which will be adversely affected by this proposed development, also has a significant conservation area and an historic church.
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