A key part of the KGHG campaign has been to coordinate supporters' activity and written objections, both to HBC's planning portal and in letter format. Some bullet points to allow supporters to write their own letters are set out below. We would encourage you to write your own letter of objection. The person to write to is:

Mr Trevor Wilson
Director of Economy &Culture, Planning Policiy and Development
Harrogate Borough Council
PO Box 787
Harrogate HG1 9RW

Here are some bullet points that may help you in constructing your letter.

Say why Green Hammerton is a bad idea. Include some of the following points:
  • Adverse Visual Impact – Green Hammerton stands on a prominent hill visible over a large distance. It will stand out for miles around,
  • Contravenes National Planning policy Framework – the amalgamation of two existing villages it explicitly rejected in the NPPF.
  • Green Field site –it comprises the best and most versatile grade 2 agricultural land which should not be lost to food production. Insist they chose a brown field site like Flaxby Park.
  • Negative Impact on Village Character – The Green Hammerton Conservation Area appraisal urged preservation of this villages’ unique form and character and protection of its landscape setting. This proposal will, if approved destroy those features. Tell them.
  • Negative Impact on Village Amenity – Developers vision is that “in the early stages of development Great Hammerton will benefit from the existing facilities within Green Hammerton” and “residents at the site will have the opportunity to use the local facilities to minimize the need to travel” This denies those same amenities to current residents. Yes they will build new infrastructure, such as shops, pubs and grassed areas, but that won’t be in the early stages.
  • Negative Impact on Village Community : Making us part of a new town sacrifices this village and will have an adverse impact on the social structure and cohesion of the village. Say how long you have been here and why you like it. Say you moved to live in Green Hammerton to live in a rural village, and enjoy the benefits of a smaller, close community, not to have town living will be imposed upon you. 
  • Impact on Wildlife: It would destroy the natural habitat of many species of wildlife and obliterate yet more hedgerows 
  • Increase in traffic: People won’t use the trains or buses, the main reason for choosing this site. The new development will require people to have their own vehicles and will have to commute to York, Harrogate or further afield to get to work creating more traffic and pollution
Write it in your own language, it will have more impact. Don’t forget to add your name and address and sign it. Do one letter for each occupant of your house too. The more the better. 

Thank you.
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