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December 2020 Update

posted 30 Nov 2020, 11:36 by KGHG Admin


At the beginning of November Harrogate Borough Council started its public consultation on the first key part of the New Settlement development plan document (DPD). Their first step is to determine the location of the new settlement that is to be built close to our village. The work done so far by the council has been to identify three options and they suggest a settlement focused on Cattal station (option 3) as its “preferred option”.


We have found that the Council’s attempt to roll out the consultation and inform every household has been a failure. The distribution of the consultation leaflets has been very patchy and many households have still not received the leaflet, which is now four weeks into the consultation period. We have also received many calls from concerned residents that the website is confusing, and they do not know how to reply. For these reasons, the Action Group and your Parish Council have secured an extended deadline, from the 11th December 2020 to the 22nd January 2021, allowing more time for us to prepare guidance on how to respond to the consultation.


The Action Group with the support of your Parish Council is producing a guidance leaflet, similar to those done previously. This leaflet will be distributed by our team of volunteers to every household in the village along with a copy of Harrogate Borough Council’s original consultation leaflet.


Our guidance note will explain why you are being consulted and how to navigate the Council’s website to submit your response. We will also confirm how you can respond in writing if you do not have internet access. Our leaflet will provide guidance on what is being asked of you and hopefully will help you answer the three main questions in the consultation.


We believe that this current consultation will be the only opportunity for residents to have their say on the location of the new settlement before the planning activity moves onto more detailed matters. It is therefore critical that, if you feel strongly about where the new settlement should be placed, you have your say in this consultation. That is why we have secured more time for residents to respond to this consultation and why we are producing a Guidance Note to make the task of responding as easy as possible. We also plan to arrange drop off points, as before, at our village shops for handwritten responses.


So, please look out for our leaflet which will be arriving in the next two weeks and check your village notice boards for additional information as it is released.


Thank you for your support


Keep the Hammerton Green Action Group