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How to object to 3,000 houses

posted 28 Feb 2018, 08:07 by KGHG Admin   [ updated 28 Feb 2018, 08:12 ]
Guidance on Raising Your Objection

As the Consultation Process draws closer to the deadline of Friday 9th March 2018, it is crucial that we get as many objections as possible to the New Settlement lodged with Harrogate Borough Council.   Detailed below under the heading “How to Register Your Objection” are details as to how you can do this. You will need to print both of the attached documents and possibly this email; and then follow the instructions.

Richard Raper, our planning consultant and members of the campaign team have drafted responses included on this form. We have also attached a summary of objections, drawn from the research work that he and the Campaign Team have done over the last 3-4 weeks.

Funding.  Richard has done a tremendous job in both pulling together the raw data and material that we have given him to produce the responses to Questions 6 and 7.  In order for us to keep financing his work we need additional funding.  Can you help?  To make donations easier we have set up a Just Giving page the details of which are You can also make donations by following the instructions on our website

Village Survey.  Every member of the local community should by now have received a village survey document.  This survey is designed to demonstrate the existing work, shopping and schooling behaviours of our communities and is an important piece of evidence to support our campaign. So far we have received half the number of questionnaires we need to make a good representative sample of our villages so its really important that we get as many questionnaire returned as possible. Please complete and return the survey by Monday 26th February to any of the drop off points referred to in the survey document.  If anyone has not got a survey form and would like one, please e-mail us at  OR complete on-line using this link

To those who have already returned forms - thank you for the prompt response!

How to Register Your Objection

There are two methods for registering your objection:-

1)     Via the website portal (

2)    Through the completion and submission of a comment form(s)

The processes are outlined in the following link but it is fair to say that both procedures are quite cumbersome and time consuming and (in the case of the portal) technically challenging.

The advice we have been given is that the FORM (method 2) carries more weight, but we would certainly encourage you to have a go on the portal as well.

The FORM is formatted specifically for the Independent Planning Inspectorate and they will be looking for objections that can demonstrate why you think the plan is not legally compliant and why it is unsound. The action group has been working with Richard Raper, on how best to complete the FORM and we are now able to share this with you, attached to this email.

Overleaf we have provided a guidance note on how to complete the form or alternatively you can come to one of our surgeries and we can complete it with you. It is also extremely important that you sign the petition that we can use to demonstrate that ‘YOU’ wish for the Action Group to represent you in this consultation and the next stage – examination in public. The petition is available to sign at all drop off points and at the surgeries so please call in and sign the form

Surgeries for Completion of Objection forms.  As already mentioned, we are running further surgeries this Sunday 25th February at Green Hammerton Social Club and in Kirk Hammerton’s Village Hall (both sessions 12 noon to 4pm) where we will be available and can assist you with the completion of these forms. We can also provide additional forms if you can not print because every member of the household can complete a form and we would encourage this to happen.

More Surgeries may be made available if we believe there is a demand for it. So please let us know by contact us at

Guidance on completing the attached form

First, print the two documents (links below - one is the form the second is the summarised list of objection which we ask is stapled to the back on the form).  DOCUMENT 1    DOCUMENT 2

then complete form using the guidance below: -

Part A 1.        Fill this with your own personal details

Part A 2.        Has been filled in for you by the Action Group, acting as your Agent.

Part B             Enter your own name

3a                    We propose that you only tick the HDLPD box

3b                    Policy Ref: “DM4”

4.1 & 4.2        tick “NO” for both boxes

5                      tick all 4 boxes

6                      we have inserted a response on your behalf and attached a two-page summary objection to the rear of this form - written by the action group and  Richard Raper

7                      we have inserted a response on your behalf written by the action group and Richard Raper

8                      this answer should be “No” and we have stated in 7 that we want representation in writing via the action groups representative.

9                      we have inserted a response on your behalf proposing that the action group represents you in the oral part of the examination if the inspectorate sees a need.

Please do not forget to sign and date the form...... AND EVERYONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD CAN COMPLETE A FORM

You may wish to include your comments from the earlier consultation process as well. They may not be in the format the Planning Inspectorate has stipulated but you are free to add them. This will require a slightly different form which the campaign team has and can provide, including a copy of your previous submission. If this is of interest then please call in to one of the surgeries or contact a member of our team, emailing or telephone Chris Eaton on 07972216658.

We believe the process we have presented to you is the best way of achieving both a high volume of submissions and also ensures that we can submit the evidence that is now being collected in a format that is expected of the independent inspectorate.  Residents may, of course, prefer to submit new comments via the on-line portal or through separate form submission and for those that do, we thank you in advance and applaud your tenacity!

If you would like the Campaign Team to deliver your response form to the Council for you, please ensure your completed form is delivered to one of the drop off points as follows:-

Green Hammerton      - Post Office or the Bay Horse Inn.

Kirk Hammerton          - Llandaff Cottage. Church Street, Kirk Hammerton (c/o Les& Janice)

Whixley                       - Village shop

Hunsingore                 – Otter House, adjacent to Hunsingore Village Hall (c/o Julian Pearson)

Nun Monkton              – Alice Hawthorn

Cattal                         - Rudgate House - Cattal Street (c/o Richard Dean)

Please ensure your form is submitted to these drop off points no later than 5pm on Wednesday 7th March.

Thank you for your continued support and campaigning.

Keep the Hammertons Green and Keep Our Village Green Campaign Team