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Update from the Action Group, July 2019

posted 2 Aug 2019, 12:35 by KGHG Admin

Dear Friends

The controversial local plan is still undergoing its “Examination in Public” which is being conducted by an independent government-appointed inspector.  As part of the process, Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) was required to re-address its “Sustainability Assessment” of Green Hammerton and other possible sites for the 3000 house new town.

HBC did that reassessment (known as the SA Addendum) and we believe that the council has done a poor and biased piece of work.

The next stage is a formal consultation on the Sustainability Assessment Addendum. That consultation opened on 26 July and runs until 6 September.

The Action Group is now drafting a robust and compelling document which we will submit as our formal response to the consultation. This will be read by the inspector who, we must hope, will share our concerns about the poor HBC reasoning which has again chosen Green Hammerton when it is not the best site for the new town.

We are in very technical territory here and we do not expect that many residents will feel able to participate in this consultation in their own right but you may be assured that we will be doing our utmost to demonstrate to the inspector why HBC’s continued insistence on Green Hammerton as the best site is so wrong.

If you do wish to participate in the consultation individually, the various documents and consultation forms are being made available at public buildings across the district. Alternatively, go to

Please note that HBC recommends that representations are made by completing the Council’s Main Modifications Consultation Form which can be downloaded from the website. This is a very similar form to the one used in the March 2018 consultation and will require your response to be returned via email or in the post.

We will send out further advisory emails when we can. If however you require any further information in the meantime then please contact the group using this email address -

Thank you for your support.

Keep the Hammertons Green Action Group