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posted 8 Mar 2018, 08:32 by KGHG Admin
Please be aware that two potential smaller housing developments – 73 and 50+ houses - have also been included as part of the Draft Local Plan, not just the 3000 new house settlement; we need to object to these to Harrogate Borough Council BY TOMORROW, Friday 9th March. Even if you've object to the Draft Local Plan/3000 new houses - you need to object to these too....

Details as follows:

Site reference GH2 – there is a planning application for 73 new houses on fields down New Lane by Strata Homes – we are concerned about a potential additional 150 more cars using this small lane which will create considerable traffic problems. Plus of course the unnecessary building on green fields and lack of infrastructure i.e. not enough school places, an already busy doctors’ surgery, etc. Aside from access in the village itself being an issue, these cars will also feed onto the A59, causing yet more chaos. These houses will also impact on our small, close community and a historic, ancient village. See the map below showing its location.

Site Reference GH9 – there is also an application for 50+ new houses on the field opposite the T-junction at the Boroughbridge Road near the Village Hall. The proposals suggest a pedestrian island is created for potential new residents to be able to cross Boroughbridge Road and access the village and its facilities. This will also impact on traffic, our infrastructure and add yet more houses to what is a small community and an ancient village with an important heritage. GH9 will clearly sit outside the boundary of the village and have no natural association with the existing community, not to mention yet another sizeable expansion of the existing village and draw on limited infrastructure.

If you object to these please write in against both proposals – you can find them on Harrogate Borough Council’s website – quote those site references; it may be better to object on-line now, as the date is imminent.